About Us

Founded in 2008, K9 Carry All was created out of need for a pet stroller combined with a shopping cart.

Through the years, we’ve added other things to our shop with one goal in mind…making your life easier. Today, we are a multifaceted company offering the original K9 Carry All pet stroller/shopping basket combo, custom logo leashes, and Click & Stay leashes. Our line of products continues to grow as we bring you more innovations!


The inspiration for everything I do with K9 Carry All starts with my best friend, Kona. Kona and I found each other during a trip I took to Idaho to visit my daughter. My husband had just been deployed to Iraq and loneliness had set in so I brought her home to cure what ailed me. She and I enjoy spending time together as much as possible, and it was out of this closeness that K9 Carry All was born.

Our Products

Over the past few years, K9 Carry All has grown to encompass many different products. Our line includes custom logo leashes, Click & Stay leashes, hair bows, collars, toys, and more. Our custom products are designed for pets, pet parents, and even to promote your business. We take pride in what we create and enjoy working with our private buyers as much as our corporate clients. You can be environmentally friendly with our strollers by saving gas and grocery bags. Our creatively designed, multi-functional, stroller offers you an easier shopping experience by providing a secure cubby for your pooch and a basket for your purchases. With a custom logo leash, you can sport your company or club wherever you go. If you’re a dog walker, event promoter, hotel, or more… a custom logo leash is a great option to easily get your name out there every day. Our Click & Stay leashes are a must-have for the busy pet parent. With a fully-adjustable handle, you can anchor your pooch to just about anything! Stroller handles, park benches, even around your waist while going for a jog!