12th Cat- Catnip Toy

Stuffed with premium Meowjuana® Catnip, these plush 12th Cat toys will be sure to get your kitty ready for the game... or a nap. Made in the Pacific NorthWest

Dazzle by West Paw

Filled with USDA certified organic catnip, this adorable bird won't mind getting ruffed up by the kitties. The bright colors and carefully sewn in bell will add to the fun. Measure: 8" Made in Montana Material: corduroy

Kitty Bat by West Paw

The bat for cats is stuffed full of USDA certified catnip. The enticing bell and durable fabric allows for hours of fun. Trick or treat the Kitty Bat cat toy will be flying high throughout the spooky holiday. Don't let your cat miss out on the fun. Get one while supplies lasts. Measure: 6.5" 100% premium USDA certified Organic Catnip Made in the U.S.A

Li’l Chicks by West Paw

These fun-colored li'l Chicks will have your cat busy with it's entertaining bell and USDA certified catnip. Measure: 2 inches Made in USA